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Spa Etiquette

In order to ensure you enjoy your treatment and have a relaxing time please consider the following ..



Please ALWAYS arrive 5 -10 minutes before your treatment time, so that your full treatment time can be provided. 


Please consider the 24 hour cancellation policy as I am a self employed therapist, If there is an emergency the sooner you let me know the easier it will be for me to fill your treatment space and the more productive my day will be.


Please consider the prior removal of "temperamental" jewellery.



Please try have a shower before your treatment or at least on the day.


Please switch your phone off during your treatment, unless there is an emergency, out of respect to other clients in the facility.


Gentlemen, this is a non-sexual service, personal questions and querries about my personal life what "other" treatments I do can be offensive and demoralising.




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Staying informed

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