Description of Treatments

Please Note my treatments all use OIL, which may be used in your hair and face, for the full benefits of the massage and your personal relaxation please try consider this when booking. I will however adjust to suit your needs. (Hair towel and facial wipes available) No shower facilities available.


Please inform me when booking of any Allergies and whether you are pregnant. 


Gentlemen please be aware that this is a NON-sexual service. I am a professional Therapist. 




Full Body Massage - A top to toe treatment, including Scalp, back, legs, arms and Face. Treatment pressure can be adjusted to your needs and requirements. A full body treatment is great for all-round healing and relaxation tailored to your personal needs.60 and 90 minute options available


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage- Treatment covers the entire back, neck and shoulder area. This is a more specific treatment for those suffering from back pain as a result from work, posture and life stress. 30, 45 and 60 minute options available.


Leg Massage- Covering the Hamstrings, calves, quads, shins and feet. This treatment is great for those who stand all day, are training for a race/ sport's event or after the race. 45 minutes.


Arm Massage- Including the arms and hands, this treatment is great for therapists and anyone experiencing arthritic pain, carpal tunnel or general aches in their hand and arms. 30 minutes.


Foot Massage - We are on our feet everyday and they deserve some love and attention. my foot massage includes the feet and lower part of legs, expect to fall asleep. Please note this is not a reflexology treatment. 30 Minutes.


Holistic Indian Head and Neck Massage- We carry so much tension in our neck and shoulders, but also our heads and scalp. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from headaches and severe stress, it can also be helpful with hair loss. Please expect to have a lot of oil in your hair after treatment. 45 Minutes.


De-stress Indian Head, Neck and Face Massage- This treatment truly is the epitome of luxury and relaxtion, Helping anyone under a lot of stress or going through an emotional setback to de-stress, sleep and relax. Not only does this treatment help improve your hair quality, break down the knots in your shoulders and neck, but it can also improve the elasticty of your skin, giving you the glow of a non-surgical facelift. Please expect to have lots of oil in your hair. A quick cleanse followed by a moisturiser for the face is included. 45 Minutes


Ayurvedic Massage- The ancient art of Ayurvedic massage dates back 5000 years, offering you a soothing and relaxing massage to benefit all aspects of your life. Warm sesame oil is massaged all over your body to help you feel nourished, moisturised and soothed. This treatment includes a lot of oil, please consider this when booking. 60 and 90 minute available.

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